Referral Partners

Join My List of Referral Partners and
Help Businesses Get the Cash They Need!


I enjoy building great relationships and networking with others in providing unsecured business loans across the United States. I always offer referral fees to professionals who can refer biz owners who are in need of working capital/cash from time to time. No reason someone shouldn’t be compensated for helping me help others.

Whether you are a licensed Real Estate Broker like myself, or not, it doesn’t matter. I am able to pay referral fees out on these private money business loans. These are not RESPA transactions, and therefore do not prohibit or cap the fees being paid to others.

That being said, here’s how it works:

Brian F Adams (ISO) will contribute 2% of the loan amount as payment for referring a business to me that results in a funded loan.  ex: $50,000.00 loan x 2% = $1,000.00.

Simple as that.

Business Brokers, Real Estate Brokers, Insurance Agents, CPA/Accountants, Financial Planners, Attorneys, and other professionals who have business clients can be compensated for networking with me. It’s a Win, Win, Win!

We fund these loans quickly, and you will receive your fee within 72 hours of funding. You will need to sign a referral/finders fee agreement so just call or email me and I will get you the agreement immediately. You are 100% protected and greatly appreciated for your business referrals.

My 33 year career reputation (over 4,500 Real Estate & Mortgage transactions completed with zero complaints) should speak for my honesty and integrity with you and your referral clients.

Thanks for joining,

Brian F Adams